Do you also think you are the only one having lot of problems?

Do you also often have the following questions in mind:

Why there are so many problems in my life only.
Why God have given so many problems only to me not anyone else.
Am I the only one who has committed so many sins that I have so much problems in life………

If yes, then think even if 3 out of 10 readers reading this article thinks the same, then do you still think that you are the only one having problems. No, you are not the only one having issues and problems in your life. Everyone has something to deal with in their life. Some people have a small list of such problems they need to deal with and some have a long list. But believe me everyone have issues problems in their life.

When I used to tell this fact to someone depressed due to their long list of issues, they just used to tell some examples of people for whom they think that they do not have any problem in life. But no, how are you so sure about that, do everyone just expose all their issues publicly? And even if they do not have any issues right now, they must have already been through some rough phase, there is a possibility that their good times have been just started, then in that case, you should be motivated by them by acknowledging the fact that they have successfully passed their rough phase and you will also be able to that definitely.

Now see, having problems is just another part of our lives. If you don’t have any problem and have just a normal life, then you will not have anything to do right. If you don’t have any problems to solve, then you will not have a motivation to start your day, you wont be doing anything extra apart from your daily routine. You would be spending your day just eating, working, sleeping and thats it. When you have some problem to solve, then you will make it as your daily goal which motivates you throughout your day.

So, you have to acknowledge the fact that Challenges and problems are important parts of life that give you experiences, make you learn and help you to become wiser and stronger. It is just another tool which makes your life exciting. While finding solution to the problems, you do so much of brainstorming and researching that the process just opens your door to explore new things, increase your knowledge.

Many times, you consult other people to find solution to your problems and this way you connect with more people. And connecting with people who understands you is yet another comforting feeling which helps you to face this hard time.

I see some people used to cry a lot about having problems in life which results in anxiety, depression and a lot of other health problems. But you have to realise that it’s not end of the world, you have to be calm and think about solving those problems patiently. What will happen at most, things wont settled anytime sooner right. Don’t worry, don’t just give up, just continue making efforts toward the solution, one day that problem will be solved. But just be honest with your efforts, give your 100%, do not worry if it is taking a lot of time, just give your best so that you can taste the sweetest fruit of success after all your hard work.

Many times, people struggle themselves to solve a problem and struggling themselves and not talking to anyone, not sharing with anyone causes more problems. A better way is to talk to any loved one who understands you, calm you and at least make you feel better. I have seen cases where people shy sharing their problems with their loved ones because they feel what will they say, how will they react etc. In that case, you can talk to a completely random person, I mean nowadays, so many people are out there on social channels like Instagram and Youtube etc, try reaching those people out. Just open your heart in front of them and let them know each and everything, they will definitely help you. You should not hesitate talking to them, because they don’t know you right, they will not judge you, even if they judge you, it should not matter to you because that will be a completely random person for you.

There is a light-hearted comedy show called “Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” (I don’t know if you have heard of it, but I just love it😍)Its tagline says “Problems toh hai sabke ke saath, bas nazariye ki hai baat”. It just simply means, everyone has problems, it’s just depend on the person how they take it, understand it, handle it and solve it. Its your choice whether you want to cry for the situation forever or you want to make effort towards solving that.



I am developing the habit of penning down my thoughts and experiences. Novice writer | Novice Mandala Artist | Software Developer at Google

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Tavishi Jain

I am developing the habit of penning down my thoughts and experiences. Novice writer | Novice Mandala Artist | Software Developer at Google